Our mission; a better world for everyone.

Onze missie; een betere wereld voor iedereen.

At Bigger Picture we have a mission that many considered unachievable: using clothing as a means to have a positive impact on the world. At a time when the fast fashion industry has the upper hand and consumers often pay more attention to the physical price of clothing than to the price paid by nature and the production process, we strive for a shift in consciousness.

The reality is that the clothing industry is currently dominated by rapidly changing trends and cheap mass production. Many consumers are lured by affordable prices without considering the hidden costs of these seemingly beneficial choices: poor working conditions, environmental pollution and a throwaway culture that burdens the earth. However, we see a promising shift where more and more consumers are becoming aware of the impact of their purchasing behavior on the world around them, and we applaud that.

At Bigger Picture we embrace fashion as a form of expression, but we want to combine this with a deeper meaning. Our website, social media channels and other communications are not only aimed at offering stylish clothing, but also at inspiring people to consume more consciously and to think about the mark they leave behind when buying clothing.

One of the ways we support this mission is by also supporting a project in Africa with every purchase. We believe in creating a positive chain reaction, where the impact of sustainable choices extends beyond the clothing itself. By making our customers aware of sustainable options and engaging them in our broader purpose, we hope to build a community of conscious consumers working together to create a better world.

For us, 2024 is all about new collections and more visibility, allowing us to convey our mission to many more people and make an even greater positive impact on the world.